So what if the Savannah gay beating victim winked at two Marines?
Re: “‘May have been more to’ alleged Savannah gay bashing, police LGBT liaison says” (, June 15)

Just because we’re gay doesn’t mean we can flirt with whoever, whenever, as if we have a free pass. My prayers to the beaten victim, and my prayers for our future behaviors and acceptance.

Speaking out: Your comments on the gay bashing in Savannah

Unless the victim was actually attempting to forcibly rape these guys, there is simply no justification for meeting an unwanted advance with extreme violence. Women would be murdering straight men on a daily basis if that were the case.

My point is that no one in this world has the right to hoot and holler at a person they think is attractive. It’s disrespectful and turns someone defensive. You cross boundaries when you taunt someone like that. Everyone and their mother has cried “hate crime” all over this. Maybe so, or maybe the victim’s actions instigated the altercation, which a court will pass judgment on. In reality, our actions should not disrespect anyone, especially the ones we’re trying to show we are just as normal and deserving as them.

Of course so much homophobia is really about sexism: Insecure straight men who have such disdain for women or such a tenuous grasp of their own sense of manhood that they turn violent when they feel they are being treated “like a woman,” i.e. receiving unwanted sexual attention from men. (Note: In their view men have the right to treat women boorishly)

Whenever men “flirt” with me in a way that I find either irritating, rude, or actually threatening (i.e., getting into my personal space or touching me), I’m generally told that I should take it as a compliment and get over it. Double standard much?

Obama speaks for Pride, but should he?
Re: “Obama speaks at LGBT Pride Month reception” (, June 23)

Wouldn’t it have been cool if he’d been standing in front of a rainbow flag?

I think he has more important things to do, you know?

Nothing is more important than full equality for all American citizens.