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Speaking out: Your comments on Westoboro protests, Nancy Schaefer and more…

Better to ignore or oppose ‘God Hates Fags’ church?
Re: ‘God Hates Fags’ church coming to Atlanta” (, April 21)

Ignore them. They only want attention.

Let’s hope there are several hundred peaceful demonstrators against the six or eight hate-consumed sociopaths and their fearless, racist, anti-semitic, homophobic “leader” Fred Phelps. It is sad that he and his kin are so consumed with their own hatred of themselves and all things living that they feel compelled to “protest” life.

Silence is not the answer. I am not sure what is the correct response, but to be silent while these assholes spread their hate? It seems like Atlanta would be saying it’s ok.

At this point silence is complicity.

Many, many places have staged peaceful counter-protests with silly signs like, “God Hates Penguins.” I think that is a great idea!

I agree we should ignore these hate mongers, but I feel it’s highly important to support the people they are protesting — particularly the students.

I wish these people would get a life. God does not hate. Jesus shunned or judged no one. WWJD. He most definitely would not be picketing and preaching all of this hell and damnation.

Last time they were here the local channels didn’t cover them; they covered the peaceful counter protests. I think we need to take the same approach — not giving their message any coverage while loudly speaking the good Word.

Disgraceful for Ga. Senate to honor anti-gay Schaefer
Re: “Georgia Senate honors Nancy Schaefer” (, April 20)

I’d rather throw a bucket of water on her to see if she’d melt!

Nice to know they have time to do this when they are supposed to be dealing with oh, transportation and the freaking budget.

Good God Almighty! Why don’t they just go for the gold and honor David Duke. Hitler, and the KKK while they are at it. I could think of some others but I’m at a loss for words.

This state turns into a disgrace more and more every day.

Obama: Fierce advocate or moving too slow on LGBT rights?
Re: “Pro-gay hecklers repeatedly interrupt Obama at DNC fundraiser” (link from posted on, April 19)

He says he’s a fierce advocate and he says he hears us — must be a tin ear then Mr. President, because you sure aren’t acting very fierce!

I am torn. I seriously think that he is biding his time to do things when he can. The recent HHS memo seems to be evidence of that to me. I am not going to act like the right; I believe President Obama when he says he is an ally and I believe he will fight for us as he can.

Time is on our side but you have to give Obama a slight break. It’s difficult repairing the state of the nation which it took a previous president eight years to f**k up.

Wondering when he is going to start repairing and quit adding to the previous screw ups.

There are no quick fixes to eight years of Bush mismanagement … Before you can do life-saving surgery, you have to stop the patient from bleeding. It took eight years to screw this pooch, it may take two to five at best to fix it.

Unfortunately noise is part of the political process to enact “change.” Before change can occur you must first become uncomfortable with the status quo. … While negotiations towards the repeal will occur behind closed doors, public outrage and moderate civil disobedience has always been part of the process. One must acknowledge the role of these “freedom fighters” and the potential tarnish they may have placed on their public records for forwarding a cause.