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Speaking out: Your comments on Ga. prom teen, Nancy Schaefer’s death

Praise for rural Ga. teen taking boyfriend to high school prom

Re: “Atlanta gay chorus hosts Ga. teen kicked out of home over prom” (, March 23 & 26)

The more interviews I read with this boy the more impressed I get. I know plenty of GLBT “leaders” who don’t have balls this big. Good for him. The future looks bright.

What would Jesus do? Kick his son to the curb or love him? I believe Jesus said “Love your neighbor as you love yourself” and “there is Faith, Hope, and Love. Love is the greatest of these.” Some people use Christianity as their excuse to judge and hate instead of to love and comfort.

My boyfriend at the time and I went to prom — with a little hesitation from the school, but it all worked out. You just have to fight for what you believe and who you love.

Scant sympathy for anti-gay Sen. Nancy Schaefer’s death

Re: “Former Sen. Nancy Schaefer, husband found dead” (, March 27)

What a shame for her and her family that her legacy is filled with hatred and bigotry.

My philosophy is that we’ll outlive all the bigots, but this one had a particularly fitting end — also known as karma.

It’s very sad and tragic. Suicide is a sin, and now they just might be in a gay bar purgatory for all eternity.