Utilizing Your Gym Membership

Moving to a new city can be an overwhelming experience as you sometimes have to switch banks, utility companies, and other home services. For you health nuts, it also means switching up a major routine in your day-to-day lives: the gym! It’s probably one of the first places I Google when moving to a new city. How far is it from my home or work, is it gay-friendly, and what am I going to get for the price I pay? The last one is a question many overlook when hunting for the most ideal gym. We’re here to make sure you’re asking all of the right questions to get the most bang for your fitness buck.


Free Personal Training Sessions

At some gyms, including national chains LA Fitness and Planet Fitness, your membership can come with a one-on-one with a personal trainer. Now, this gives you a chance to workout with someone who can walk you through a detailed workout for a respective muscle group. It’s usually just one workout or a week of training included in your workout, but the perks mean you’ll get to see if personal training is right for you. Always ask about these sessions as many gyms offer but don’t always mention to you upon signing your fitness contract.


Nutrition Plans

It’s not just all about getting in the gym and lifting, but eating healthy can really transform your body. Many times, gyms have nutritionists on staff to assist with all things food. This includes customized meal plans, foods to stay away from, and how to indulge without breaking your meal plans. Normally this includes one session where the nutritionist will put together a weekly meal plan or meals that are low in calories and sugar.


Fitness Classes

These are ideal when you want to switch up your routine. Instead of strictly lifting weights or running on the treadmill, try your local gym’s fitness classes. Almost always they’re included in your membership. These classes include high-intensity interval training (HIIT), yoga, pilates, spin classes, and Zumba. If your gym does offer these classes with your membership, always pay attention to the weekly calendars that are posted around the gym. This includes your times, classes, locations for the classes and who’s teaching. All very helpful information if you’re looking to get the most out of these classes.


Steamroom, Sauna, Towel Service

After an intense workout with weights or in your favorite fitness class, you’ll certainly want to wind down with a few amenities that can add that extra oomph to your gym experience. Steamrooms (wet heat) and saunas (dry heat) allow you to sweat out those toxins and can leave you refreshed. If you’re looking to shower after your workout and always forgetting your towel, some gyms offer towel service to make your life a little easier. Other amenities that can change the way you workout include pool, hot and cold whirlpool, cardio movie rooms, and stretch areas.

We leave you with this – ALWAYS ASK! Don’t expect your gym representative to include everything they offer, because sometimes people just forget. Knowing what you want before you sign up at your local gym can really help you weed out those money-hungry gyms from the gyms really focused on enhancing their member’s experiences.