Games to Entertain You

We know it can be difficult to keep the boredom away while cooped up inside on a cold, rainy night, so we’ve got some games that’ll make your night worth staying in!


Celebrity Resume: US Edition

Guess the unlikely past jobs of some of your favourite celebrities with the all new card game, Celebrity Résumé. Choose from one of four options on the front of the cards, then flip to reveal the true past jobs, along with the reasons why they had these jobs. Find here:


Name That Emoticon: US TV

Put your Emoticon knowledge to the test with this new and amusing card game. Common and famous phrases are shown as Emoticon and you simply have to guess the correct phrases. As we all interpret Emoticons differently this game is not as easy as it sounds and will result in fits of laughter as the ridiculous guesses ensue. Available in eight different editions so you can test your Emoticon knowledge in multiple areas.

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Fake News: Trump Edition

The #FakeNews guessing card game has finally arrived. This Trump edition is based on the ridiculous statements The Donald has made. Your task is to guess if the statements are true or fake.

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Eyetoons Card Game

Crack the ‘toon’, name the tune! Put your musical knowledge to the test in this fun family card game. Go head-to-head to see who can identify the musical artist and song from the cartoon on the card.

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Canine Chaos Card Game

Join this A-list cast of canine celebrities for a fast and frantic CARD-SWAPPING GAME of canine craziness. Simple to pick up, difficult to put down. 25 hilarious canine celebrity characters included. Can you claim your way to victory by collecting the most sets? It’s a barking good game! Contents: 100 playing cards.

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Placing the Past Card Game

The game of time and risk. How well do you know your major events? How willing are you to take a chance on getting your timeline right? Play your hand of dates in the correct order to gain points, but be careful. Other players can steal your points and if you place any incorrectly you receive no points at all. Contents: Bell, 240 cards, rules.

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