Gifts for the Kitchen

We know you’ll be spending a lot of time in the kitchen this holiday season, so we’ve picked some of our favorite items for your kitchen! From water purifers to panini presses, you’ll never be thirsty or hungry if we can help it! Enjoy!


A: Metrokane Rabbit Wine Aerating Pourer

Aerate wine right into your glass without a decanter! All you do is insert the Aerater into yoru wine bottle and pour away!

$19.95, The Cook’s Warehouse

B: BELLA Bella 3.7-Quart Air Fryer

High performance technology circulates heat for crispy and evenly cooked food every time! By using little to no oil, items like French fries have 88 percent less fat and 65 percent fewer calories than typical fast food! Healthy!

$45.99, Lowes

C: Breville Panini Duo Press

The Breville Panini Duo makes perfect pressed sandwiches quickly and easily. It can also be used for cooking a variety of other dishes like pancakes, hash browns, grilled vegetables and reheating pizza!

$69.95, The Cook’s Warehouse

D: True Brands Hawthorne Stainless Steel Cocktail Strainer

Makes pouring your favorite cocktail from Martinis to Manhattans a breeze! A double-pronged rim and tight-wound spring catch muddled fruit, ice and herbs!

$7.95, The Cook’s Warehouse

E: NutriBullet Balance Smart Personal Blender

Equipped with SMART technology, Balance pairs with your smart device displaying nutritional content in real time as you’re building your blends. No more recipe books, measuring cups or guesswork, with Balance you know exactly what’s in every smoothie you make!

$89.98, Walmart

F: Hydros Fast-Flo Filtering Water Pitcher

Quick and easy filtered water within minutes! This pitcher is powered with Hydros Multi Filter and can fill up with 64oz of water within a minute.

$31.95, The Cook’s Warehouse

G: Sub Home Draft Beer Tap by Krups

Easy assembly and small enough to fit on your counter-top! Fresh beer delivered Hopsy where each mini-keg holds 67oz. of beer!

$117,99, Amazon