It seems at every circuit party event I attend, I always lock my eyes on that one person lost in a moment of pure bliss, from the heart-pounding music and laser light shows beaming down from above them. It happened last weekend while at the Heretic, and I made a mental note in my head that I had to write about it for my upcoming editorial. It’s moments like these that we can really learn something from those around us.

We came to the Heretic a little later in the evening and as soon as we entered, the music hit us like a ton of bricks! Our friend, DJ Thiago Oliveria, knows how to throw it down, and it really brings music fanatics out on weekends they’d usually be laying low at home. We made our way to the dancefloor just as the music picked up, and out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a guy sitting on a set of speakers shaking his head like a bobblehead doll. Many might pass him by and think he’s just high out of his mind (he might’ve been), but seconds later, he was up on his feet dancing like it was his last night on earth. Ahhhhh, it made me smile! It’s like the music ran through his bones and flowed through his veins, and with every beat, you could tell he was living his best life!

Forget what he’s going through outside of those four walls at the club. This guy left it all at the door and came to leave it all on the dance floor. Within seconds of his heart-pounding dance-for-your-life routine, he was sitting back on the speaker patiently waiting for the next beat drop. Seconds later, he disappeared into the lights and fog on the dance floor, but throughout the rest of the night, this guy kept catching my eye because of the absolute joy he exuded as he made his moves.

There’s a reason music drives us to find deeper meanings in our lives. It allows us to let loose, feel free, take a deep breath, and fall into the endless space of rhythm and groove. No matter what circumstances control our lives, the music is always an escape that can take us out of our realities for 30 minutes or several hours. That’s ok, as long as we understand that we must always return to our reality off the dance floor.

I’ve had my share of moments like those where I lose track of time and even my surroundings, in a trance from music, lights, and drugs. I’ve sometimes had a hard time bringing myself to accept the reality that those moments of pure bliss are just that, moments. I hear of people chasing the next high, trying to ride these waves of ecstasy hoping for something new and surreal to happen to them. The problem is, they don’t understand that reality isn’t meant to be 24/7 ecstasy. The moments we spend on the dance floor listening to the music we love makes up for the times of sadness, frustration, and fear at other points in our lives.

What can we learn from being lost in a moment? Realize that it won’t last forever, but enjoy the hell out of it while it’s happening! Hold onto those memories, the beats, the rhythms, the lights, and every bead of sweat that made it possible for you to reach your own MOMENT of joy. I promise that memory will last forever!

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