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Why can’t Atlanta sustain lesbian bars?

Is it something about the particular women’s bars that have opened here, or is there something inherently different about the way lesbians approach nightlife? Either way, Atlanta is back to having just one lesbian bar, despite about two dozen bars targeted to gay men.

This week, Bellissima, the lesbian bar located at Amsterdam Walk in Midtown, announced its closure after a contract to sell the bar encountered problems.

That means there is just one specifically lesbian bar left in the city: My Sister’s Room, which reopened last weekend with renovations and new owners, and debuts a new sports bar menu this weekend.

This is down from a heyday of a whopping three lesbian bars in the Atlanta area in 2010, when Paris Decatur closed.

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Lesbian bar Bellissima closes amidst sale difficulties

Bellissima owner Anna Ragghianti posted to Facebook today a note saying the lesbian bar in Amsterdam Walk is now closed.

The message states:

As many of you may know, Bellissima has been for sell [sic]. We were excited to have a contract with a new owner who planned to take rains as soon as possible, keeping it as Bellissima. Unfortunately, Halpern Enterprises (the owner of the building) has informed us that they will not sign a lease with the new owner.... therefore, Bellissima is now closed and will not re-open at the Amsterdam location. I will be considering all options moving forward and will post any updates on this Bellissima Facebook Fan page.

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Lesbian bar Bellissima for sale

Lesbian bar Bellissima is up for sale, says owner Anna Ragghianti.

Located in Amsterdam Walk in Midtown, Bellissima opened in 2008.

The website listing for the bar states it is for sale at "at $79,000 which is a fraction of start-up costs."