YouTuber Lilly Singh Comes Out as Bisexual

Canadian YouTube star Lilly Singh came out as bisexual on Twitter on Sunday (February 24). In an inspirational post to her 5.75 million followers, Singh, better known to fans as Superwoman, called her sexual...
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[Video] Kidz Bop’s Gaga cover misses the point

Unless you've got children of your own, I suspect you've never heard of Kidz Bop.

I can thank Perez Hilton for introducing me. Or not.

He posted a video of the family-friendly pre-teen pop group covering Lady Gaga's “Born this Way” earlier this week with the following disclaimer:

“Now before anyone raises any eyebrows or questions whether or not LGBT issues are too mature for little kids…This is an *edited* version. The LGBT verse has been taken out. So watch this video and be happy little kids can sing about loving themselves for just the way they are!”