Nickelodeon Family Game Show Features Two Dads

For the first time ever, the nostalgic Nickelodeon family game show Double Dare featured a male same-sex couple, reported the Gaily Grind. Team “Double Dads,” was introduced onto the show by host Liza Koshy:...
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Topher Payne: A going-away party, reminding us to embrace the time we’re here

Playwright and writer Topher PayneBryan posted a message on his Facebook wall last week, with a question:  “What would you do if doc says you may only have a few days left?”

The inquiry was not theoretical, or meant to inspire discussions of ideology. It was a scheduling question. That morning, he was informed by medical professionals that he should prepare for the ending of what any of us would call a life. Just because your vitals can still be measured as functioning does not mean you are living. I don’t know what you’d call that. Existing, I guess. But frankly, even that’s debatable.

Bryan and I are the same age: 32. The idea that he should even be considering what his final acts will be is monumentally unfair. But cancer isn’t terribly concerned with fairness. We met because of the disease. I meet a lot of people that way, kind of like how guys who’ve dated the same horrible ex have something to chat about.