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Fulton County Public Schools responds to Alpharetta student’s lawsuit

Alpharetta High School

Reuben Lack made national headlines last week when news broke that he was suing his school, Alpharetta High School, over his forced removal as the school's student body president. Lack alleged the change came after he introduced a resolution designed to make the school's prom more gay-inclusive.

Samantha Evans, executive director of communications for Fulton County Public Schools, disputed Lack’s claims in an interview today.

“The bottom line is that this allegation that the student is making is not true. This is not a district that would support any type of prejudice or bias,” Evans said today by phone.

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Elizabeth Warren joins ‘It Gets Better’ project

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren might just be the poster child for liberal politicians this fall, and lucky for LGBT rights advocates, she’s on our side.

The wave of national attention gained from Warren’s bitter battle over her position at the Obama Administration's Bureau of Consumer Protection propelled her into public light. Warren has focused the attention into a bid for the U.S. Senate, and plans to run against Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) this fall. So far, polls have her favorably positioned against the incumbent.

Since her the announcement of her Senate bid, Warren has been the “it” candidate in the Democratic party.

Warren, a former Harvard Law School professor, is known mainly as a consumer advocate. She is also a gay rights advocate. No, not the “I have a personal objection to same-sex marriage,” kind of advocate. She's a full-on, support-us-until-we-win advocate.

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Franken drums up support for pro-LGBT Student Non-Discrimination Act

Minnesota Senator Al Franken

Al Franken, the former funnyman turned senator from Minnesota, released a video this week calling for voters to support the Student Non-Discrimination Act. If passed, the bill would forbid discrimination against students based on sexual orientation, perceived sexual orientation or gender identity in public schools.

The bill would also prohibit schools from discriminating against LGBT students or ignoring reports of harassment.

Democratic Rep. Jared Polis from Colorado's 2nd Congressional District first introduced the legislation in the House in 2010 during the 111th Congress.

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Braves release anti-bullying PSA to public

Atlanta Braves third baseman Chipper Jones

The Atlanta Braves publicly released an anti-bullying video today that was previously available to view only at Turner Field on Braves' game days.

The video features prominent Braves players like Chipper Jones, Brian McCann, Tim Hudson and Jason Heyward speaking directly to those bullied, who witness bullying and to bullies themselves.

A Spanish version has also been released featuring infielder Martin Prado, according to the team.

The video will be distributed to more than 100 local area schools as part of the Anti-Defamation League's “No Place for Hate” campaign.

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Tea Party activist calls LGBT bullying ‘healthy’

Mike Ritter takes on school bullies

Homosexuality, like drugs and cigarettes, harms young people that experiment with it. Well, that's what right-wing activist Rich Swier from Tea Party Nation thinks, anyway.

Earlier this week, Swier posted a blog on Tea Party Nation, an online collective of conservatives and Tea Party members, where he claimed that harassing youth because of their sexuality, or perceived sexuality, was not actually bullying, it was “peer pressure” and “healthy.”

According to Right Wing Watch, Swier equates sexuality with smoking and drug use in an argument to justify bullying LGBT youth.