Adam Rippon and boyfriend said to be getting serious

Things are heating up on the ice. Out Olympian Adam Rippon, star of ice and social media, said that his new boyfriend is relocating to the U.S. to be with him. According to Extra, Rippon said he Tinder'd Jus...

Singer Janelle Monae comes out

Janelle Monae has come out as a "queer black woman" in the pages of Rolling Stone. The singer has long been rumored to be part of the LGBTQ community, including dating “Thor: Ragnarok” actress Tessa Thompson. ...
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Outspoken: Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton and more…

“I think that gay marriage is going to happen. It must. We are not actually equal — humanity — if we are not allowed to freely love one another. What the Pope thinks of being gay does not matter to the world. It matters to the people who like the Pope and follow the Pope. It is not a reflection of all religious people.”

— Lady Gaga, who is Catholic, responding in a radio interview to Pope Benedict XVI’s recent comments against gay marriage. (Fox News, Sept. 25)

“For that kid with a jersey hanging on his wall, if their favorite player comes out and says it’s OK to be gay, that will mean so much to that kid.”

— Former Pittsburgh Pirates owner Kevin McClatchy, after coming out publicly Sept. 22 at age 49; he is chair of  The McClatchy Company, the nation’s third-largest media chain. (Miami Herald, Sept. 24)

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Outspoken: Jonathan Knight, Cyndi Lauper, Tiffany and more…

NKOTB's Jonathan Knight recently announced he is gay

“I have lived my life very openly and have never hidden the fact that I am gay. Apparently the prerequisite to being a gay public figure is to appear on the cover of a magazine with the caption ‘I am gay.’ I apologize for not doing so if this is what was expected.”

Jonathan Knight of the now-reunited boy band New Kids on the Block, responding to questions after ‘80s pop star Tiffany, who he once dated, discussed his sexual orientation in a recent television interview. (, Jan. 31)

“He became gay later. I didn’t do it. I had issues with that. I was thinking maybe I did. Now looking back when we were dating, he was so much fun. We used to do facials together. He was so easy to talk to.”

— ‘80s pop singer Tiffany, discussing former boyfriend Jonathan Knight from boy band New Kids on the Block, on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live.” (, Jan. 31)

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Outspoken: Sesame Street’s Bert, Fran Drescher, George York and more…

Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie

“Ever notice how similar my hair is to Mr. T’s? The only difference is mine is a little more ‘mo,’ a little less ‘hawk.’”

— “Sesame Street” resident Bert, in a comment on the children’s show’s official Twitter account that was posted June 11 but made news this week, reigniting rumors that Bert and his roommate Ernie are intended to be gay. (New York Daily News, Oct. 25)

“They are not gay, they are not straight, they are puppets. They don’t exist below the waist.”

— Sesame Workshop President and CEO Gary Knell in a 2007 statement regarding the rumors. (New York Daily News, Oct. 25)

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NeNe tweets against possible gay love?

For common folks like myself, Twitter is little more than a place to publish all my most obnoxious thoughts and angry vents. For celebrities, it's a place where they can shove their proverbial feet in their proverbial mouths.

NeNe Leakes is no exception. In fact, this time she's defined the rule.