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Outspoken: Cher, Adam Carolla, Rick Santorum and more…

“On the cover of Newsweek under M. Bachmann’s picture it said ‘Queen of Rage,’ but there is only ‘One Raging Queen’ in her house!”

Actress, singer and gay rights advocate Cher, continuing her Twitter war with GOP presidential hopeful Rep. Michele Bachmann. Bachmann’s husband, Marcus Bachmann, runs a therapy practice that attempts to convert gays and has been the subject of Internet rumors that he is gay himself. (, Aug. 14)

“When did everybody get lumped in with the gays? You know what I mean? … When did we start giving a shit about [transgender] people? … And shouldn’t [LGBT] be something that spells something, like YUCK?”

— Comedian Adam Carolla, ranting on his Aug. 11 podcast about the term “LGBT” and the petition that wants to see Ernie and Bert get married on “Sesame Street.” Carolla will podcast live from the Tabernacle in Atlanta on Sept. 30. ( Aug. 15)

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Cher fights homophobia via Twitter

Musical icon and gay rights advocate Cher

65-year-old singer and icon Cher (too fabulous for a last name) erupted in gay-allied fury all over Minn. Rep. and presidential contender Michele Bachmann. Cher tweeted on Sunday night:

Just got spam letter from M. Bachman! My reply ! Woman go bake 2 school take history ! & if I was on my deathbed & your best friend was JESUS!!! I WOULDNT VOTE 4 YOUR GAY HATING, BULLY LOVING , POSER CHRISTIAN ASS ! Got One From The TEA PARTY 2.l ! Head STILL SPINNING !Not HAPPY With Leaders.of DEMS & PRES. EIither wtf!

Despite the heavy-handed misspellings—perhaps righteous fury has that effect?—Cher is echoing the sentiment that many in the gay community can vibe to: A sentiment that wonders how it is 2011 and a presidential hopeful can retain hope in an ever-diversifying nation and still be married to a man whose clinic still practices conversion therapy.

Cher replied to this then-new information exactly a month ago:

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Is radio gayer than it’s ever been?

It seems like every time I turn on my radio there's a gay-affirming song blaring from the speakers.

Even though I'm not a fan of the repetition — even good songs can be worn out — we're lucky to live in a time where we are inundated with positive messages thinly veiled (or not) by pop pulp.

Maybe I'm leaving a song out, but a look at Billboard's radio charts shows that celebrating individuality, and in some cases our sexuality, is very en vogue, especially for straight performers.

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Come on, Cher — accept you have a transgender son

One thing important to transgender people is being called the correct pronoun. Having others recognize you and respect you enough to call you by the pronoun you identify with is a validation of existence for many.

So when you have gay icon Cher calling her transgender son, Chaz Bono, "she" and a "lesbian" on the David Letterman Show, it's really a tragedy not only to Chaz but to all people in mainstream society — and the LGB world, too — who are still learning the issues transgender individuals face.

According to an article on the Huffington Post, "Cher also said she considers Chaz a lesbian, even though he has described his relationship with his girlfriend as heterosexual."