Pets: Must-Know Facts About Fostering

Some dogs are forced to bear the horrid conditions of malicious puppy mills, some are forced to suffer on the cold streets with empty stomachs, and others must endure living in a home where they are abused simp...
Melissa Carter

Melissa Carter: Saying goodbye to Sully

“Go tell Sully bye,” I instructed Mr. Carter. Sully could barely hold her head up, so Mr. Carter squatted until they were eye-to-eye and told her goodbye while waving at her. Katie Jo and I teared at the mom...

Atlanta vet advises which pet may be right for you

Picking the perfect pet is no small decision. Between time management, finances and intown breed restrictions, there’s a lot of factors to consider. Georgia Voice sat down with Dr. Cheryl Coplon, an associat...
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Pets: Coalition to Unchain Dogs serves Atlanta’s pups in need

Kate Trahan from the Coalition to Unchain Dogs

Anyone who has been to Midtown can see that in the LGBT community, pets are often surrogate children. From the largest St. Bernard to the tiniest toy poodle, canines enjoy the privilege of being more than human’s best friend — they are family and are as close as can be. But there are some practices humans partake in where the barrier between species creates a misunderstanding for which the dog pays the price.

Some pet owners think that by putting a dog on a chain, they are protecting it from harm by keeping it close by and still giving it the freedom to roam. Kate Trahan of the Atlanta chapter of the Coalition to Unchain Dogs says otherwise.

“Tethering can create bad tendencies that make dogs most prone to depression or aggression,” she says.