In Reverence of Cop Dogs

Flashing blue lights, guns drawn, and a fierce, highly skilled German Shepherd racing after a perpetrator. Growling and snarling, the dog expertly takes down the crook. All is well. This image is brought to mos...

Pets: Must-Know Facts About Fostering

Some dogs are forced to bear the horrid conditions of malicious puppy mills, some are forced to suffer on the cold streets with empty stomachs, and others must endure living in a home where they are abused simp...
Melissa Carter

Melissa Carter: Saying goodbye to Sully

“Go tell Sully bye,” I instructed Mr. Carter. Sully could barely hold her head up, so Mr. Carter squatted until they were eye-to-eye and told her goodbye while waving at her. Katie Jo and I teared at the mom...

Atlanta vet advises which pet may be right for you

Picking the perfect pet is no small decision. Between time management, finances and intown breed restrictions, there’s a lot of factors to consider. Georgia Voice sat down with Dr. Cheryl Coplon, an associat...
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Pets: PALS approaches 20 years of helping the ill keep their pets

Noodle from PALS

When Eric Adelberg lost his sister four years ago, he got three new family members by adopting her pets: a miniature pinscher, a chihuahua and a nine-year-old cat.

“I just couldn’t let anybody take them away from the family,” says Adelberg, who had previously avoided being a pet owner due to the associated costs.

The price of food and pet care became an additional challenge for Adelberg, who has been HIV-positive for 20 years and lives on a fixed income.

“My HIV is pretty much under control, my problem is with the medications,” Adelberg says. “I have a very difficult time tolerating any of the medications, so I’m usually pretty nauseous most of the day.”