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[Photos] A Dragnificent night at Jungle following the Big Gay Game Show

Dragnificent debuts at Jungle

There was the family of Mrs. Ropers challenging the Hotlanta Rubber Group in a fun and racy game of Family Feud. I mean really, when asked, "What is something you eat in bed?" one of the top answers is, of course, "ass." Well, when the crowd surveyed is a bunch of gay men at least.

The Big Gay Game Show — held on the third Wednesday of each month at Jungle — benefits the Lost-n-Found organization that helps homeless LGBT youth. And this month, on Sept. 19, the debut of Dragnificent followed the Big Gay Game Game Show with host Nicole Paige Brooks and judges Phoenix (who is also producing the show), Edie Cheezburger and Nina Flowers of "RuPaul's Drag Race" fame.

Contestants for the first night were asked to express who they are. Competing in order of appearance were: Princess Vanessa, Aliya Sexton, Prima Alexandra, Arriana Paris, Tanyla Cassadine, Evah Destruction, Jai' Na Devereaux, Zaria Bonet Valentino, Peyton Elizabeth, Alexandra Knowles and Daniella Vess.

Tips to the contestants were also donated to Lost-n-Found.

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Open auditions for Jungle’s new ‘Dragnificent’ contest next week

Dragnique at Jungle

Organizers behind the wildly popular Dragnique show at Jungle are holding open auditions Wednesday, Aug. 29 for the new show Dragnificent.

The winner of the seven-week re-branded drag competition will receive $1,000 in addition to other prizes, organizers said. The show kicks off Sept. 19 at Jungle, immediately following September's Big Gay Gameshow.

"The  Fantasy Girls are super proud to be presenting Dragnificent," said organizer and local drag personality Phoenix. "We have so many surprises in store for the audience and the contestants."