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Backpack in the Park benefit stirs nostalgia, helps needy kids

Backpack in the Park

It would be tragic if a future brilliant writer failed to find her voice because she didn’t have a pencil in her first grade language arts class, or if a gifted artist abandoned drawing because he was too embarrassed to borrow crayons from his classmates.

“When you’re sitting in the classroom and you notice that the person next to you has the big three-ring binder with everything they need, and you’re using a binder that’s about to fall apart and you’re using a pencil that’s down to the nub, I think it has a big impact on a student’s self esteem and self confidence,” says Chris Bess, president of For the Kid in All of Us.

For the sixth summer, For the Kid is helping underprivileged children throughout metro Atlanta start the school year with the confidence that comes from, say, a Lady GaGa Trapper Keeper. On July 30, the non-profit hosts “Backpack in the Park,” which last year collected almost 1,500 backpacks filled with school supplies.

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Project Prom helps teens who can’t afford the high school tradition

For The Kid In All Of Us hosts Project Prom

You can’t go to the prom without a great dress, and For the Kid in All of Us wants to make sure money doesn’t keep local teens from experiencing this high school tradition.

The annual rite of passage that is prom doesn’t come cheap. The dress, the tuxedo, tickets, flowers, plus dinner at a nice restaurant — it all adds up. The new Project Prom fundraiser aims to help teens make their prom dreams happen, says Christopher Bess, president of For the Kid in All of Us.

“We’ve always sort of focused on big events for kids,” Bess said. “When we thought about adding events we didn’t want to add an event just to add another. We wanted to focus on a meaningful event that could help out older children.”

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Toy Party announces totals; see how many presents you helped gather for needy kids

The 8th annual Toy Party & Silent Auction, hosted by For The Kid In All of Us, a 100 percent volunteer-run charitable organization, was an even bigger blessing this year due to the rough economic climate.

On Wednesday, organizers announced proceeds from the event. Over 4,000 people came out on Dec. 5 to AmericasMart 3 for this special event which brought in 4,500 toys and gift cards. The silent auction, which consisted of diverse items that were donated, raised $37,000.

President of For the Kid in All of Us Jorge Esteban said that “while the economy is still recovering, a number of children and families are going without this season. We are very proud that For the Kid in All of Us is able to provide some joy and happiness for children who would otherwise have nothing to celebrate during the holiday season.”

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Tupperware and drag

Join Nicole Paige Brooks, Bubba D. Licious, Alexandria Martin and others for a "Drag Queen Tupperware Party" tonight at Jungle