Slam Into Poetry

Spoken word has become an integral part of poetry as an art form, with slam competitions dominating the scene. From small, local coffee shops to international events, its ability to resonate has rendered it a v...
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[Photos] Starlight Cabaret closes Atlanta Pride in drag splendor

Starlight Cabaret

The best drag performers from Atlanta, Decatur, Marietta and even Athens took the Atlanta Pride stage for Sunday evening’s Starlight Cabaret, closing out the annual festival in a fitting finale of wigs, glitter and glamour.

The show opened with the Armorettes, the camp drag troupe that recently celebrated raising $2 million for the fight against HIV, and closed with all of the performers and Pride volunteers on stage for “Seasons of Love.”

In between were dozens of drag queens and kings who strutted, posed, twirled, shimmied and shook to tunes ranging from hip-hop to country, with plenty of dance divas in the mix.

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Sharon Needles pokes holes in Atlanta’s LGBT community

Sharon Needles

“Love you nigger.”

When Sharon Needles, winner of season four of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” used those words to autograph a photo of herself after an April performance in Nashville, she ignited a controversy that followed her to Atlanta late last month.

Out of drag, Needles is a white gay man. The autograph recipient identifies as a queer woman of color.

For critics, including the small group of activists who protested Needles’ June 27 performance at Atlanta gay bar Jungle, the contrast makes Needles a racist who had no right to use the slur.

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Leslie Jordan’s ‘Deck Them Halls, Y’all’

Comedian Leslie Jordan comes to the Buckhead Theatre

Funny man Leslie Jordan is a popular fixture wherever he performs, but his brand of humor hits home particularly in the South. He returns to Atlanta this weekend with his new holiday show, “Deck Them Halls, Y’all!”

The work is a complete departure for the openly gay performer – and the best thing he has ever written, he admits. He was supposed to perform in London over the holiday season but instead will be there in February. With a few free months, his booker asked him to write something about growing up in the South. Jordan agreed, but his one stipulation is that he did not want to write about himself, feeling like he had exhausted all that material.

“In “Deck the Halls, Y’all!”  he brings three original characters to life – “three generations of white trash,” Jordan quips.