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Do you just absolutely love one of the photos we've published on our website? Well, good news! Every photo that we've ever taken is available in high-resolution from photo printing service Shutterfly, starting...
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Print is not dead and neither is gay media

There is line from the 1985 movie “Mask” that sticks with me, though I haven’t seen the film since I was a preteen.

Told once again that her son’s medical prognosis is dire, the besieged mom, played by Cher, retorts, “If I’d dug his grave every time one of you geniuses told me he was gonna die, I’d be eating [expletive] chop suey in China by now!”

She could have given up on her son as an infant. Instead, she kept doing the work of caring for him, and the two had years of happiness together.

I think of that quote every time I see another headline about how print media is dead, or how gay media is dead, or how at least gay print media is dead.

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By the numbers: Our first year

26 Print editions of the GA Voice since our launch on March 19, 2010. 920 Newspaper pages in our first year, an average of more than 35 pages per issue. 2,247 Articles posted to our website,,...
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New print edition on stands today

From the hottest summer travel destinations to the latest LGBT news, we’ve got you covered in the new print issue of the Georgia Voice.

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