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Pride should be a means, not an end

We had just finished hanging the last banner on the GA Voice booth at Atlanta Pride on Friday afternoon when a small voice spoke up.

“Can I take one of these?”

I looked around the side of the tent to see her pointing at the rack of newspapers in front of our table. She was young, a little shy, just starting to sport a baby dyke look with her short dreadlocks and baggy shorts.

Of course, we said. So she took the paper, but lingered.

“This is my first Pride.”

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Atlanta candlelight vigil honors gay teens that have committed suicide

The Atlanta Chapter of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, known as the Order of the Flaming Sugarbakers, believe costumes and extravagance are a way to show their cheer for the queers. But it was a somber moment for the Sisters when they gathered Saturday at Ansley Mall to honor the several teens that have committed suicide allegedly due to anti-gay bullying.