Pandemic-Friendly Date Night Ideas

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven us all indoors (and a little insane), and many couples are getting sick of ordering takeout, flipping on some Netflix, and finishing off a bottle of wine. Here are a few ideas to spice up your and your significant other’s next night in.


Take a Romantic Trip Abroad … from Home

Travel the world without the risk of COVID. Pick a country or city to theme your night around. You can select a destination you and your partner have wanted to visit, or you can draw one randomly out of a hat. Find a film from that country, cook a native recipe together, and hunt for snacks from that country (bonus points if you can find a small local grocery that stocks treats from the place you picked). You can listen to the country’s most popular songs, and if you and your partner are history buffs, you can pick up some quick facts to share at your next virtual cocktail party!


Camping Indoors

Bring your inner child out to play for a night. Gather all the blankets, chairs, and ingenuity you have lying around the house and build a fort. You can even decorate it with the Christmas lights you may or may not have packed away yet (it’s okay … we won’t tell). Either order an indoor s’mores making kit online or (carefully) make some in the microwave or over an uncovered gas stove. Play some nature sounds, dim the lights, and take turns telling spooky ghost stories (this works best when holding a lit flashlight under your chin).


Cocktail Party for Two

If you and your partner choose to imbibe, you can get creative taking turns whipping up original cocktail recipes. Base presentation and flavor on movie characters, books, songs, or famous artworks to make for an interesting challenge. You can take a trip to the liquor store together to pick out ingredients (don’t forget your mask), or you can test your bartending savvy with the current contents of your kitchen (tip: Soy sauce is not a recommended cocktail ingredient). If you and your partner prefer to take shots over sips, make some creative shooters instead.


Matching Makeovers

We all know it’s fun to experiment with our look, but are you bold enough to allow your partner to experiment with your look? For a tamer night in, you can take turns doing each other’s makeup, painting each other’s nails, picking each other’s outfits, and styling each other’s hair. If you really trust your partner (or you don’t have any Zoom calls scheduled soon), you can dye and/or cut each other’s hair, style each other’s facial hair, or give each other temporary tattoos with skin-safe ink. At the end of the night, wash everything off and complete the evening with matching facials.


Domestic Dance Class

Who said at-home dates had to be sedentary? Clear some space at home and host your own dance class. If you don’t have a specific style in mind, pick a number from your favorite Broadway musical, movie, or Tik Tok and get moving. You and your partner can even dress accordingly; if you choose to learn how to square dance, don your cowboy hats and boots. You can even support local dance instructors by enrolling in their online sessions!