SouthEast LeatherFest Names New Titleholders

This past weekend was SouthEast LeatherFest, an educational, fundraising, and social convention that supports and celebrates the BDSM, kink, and leather lifestyles and relationships of queer and allied consenting adults.

This year’s event, which was from June 8 to 11 at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel, included countless panels, networking events, parties, meetups, and the SE Person of Leather contest.

Please meet this year’s titleholders:

Apollo: Southeast Bootblack

Max: Mr. SELF

Scarlett: Ms. SELF

Master Varii and slave_neill: Southeast Master/Slave

Mara: Southeast Person of Leather


Photo via Facebook


On June 10, SELF made history. Females Investigating Sexual Terrain (F.I.S.T.) added their panel to The Leather Quilt as part of thier 30th anniversary celebration. F.I.S.T.’s panel was the history-making 200th panel on the quilt.  F.I.S.T. is one of the country’s oldest women’s leather/BDSM educational and social organizations. Their membership is national wide. F.I.S.T. includes: women (transgender and cisgender), intersex persons, transgender persons, genderqueer persons, gender non-conforming persons, genderfluid persons, agender persons, and non-binary persons who feel they have a place in the women’s BDSM community. Steeped in history, F.I.S.T. enjoys participating in myriad community and fundraising events with members around the country who strive to create an exciting and edgy future.

Other notable patches that were added at SELF were Mufasa’s Pride Patch and Latino’s in Leather.

Mufasa Ali is the founder of the Men of ONYX, ONYX National Council Chairman, Patriarch of Mufasa’s Pride, Mr World Leather 2006/2007 and the ONYX Leatherman 1997. Mufasa Ali was presented with his Leather Quilt patch by Lady Catherine and Master Varii.  His contributions to the BIPOC communities for the last 30 years have changed the landscape for BIPOC communities.

Ms Mia Rose, the owner and director of Latinos in Leather, added their panel. Latinos in Leather is an organization dedicated to strengthening the LatinX community by providing access to educational programs, services, and events that empower individuals to realize their goals and personal potential; in and out of the lifestyle.