Lake Lanier offers numerous lodging options, including a family-friendly campground, for a wide range of affordable prices, she says.

There were also complaints last year that there were too many drunk people at Tybee Island, Kelly adds.

Concerns that Lake Lanier may be too conservative and even anti-gay were unfounded, Kelly says.

“We’ll have our own private pool, and they assured us there would be no problems” from others who may not appreciate seeing LGBT families, she says.

“They are very enthusiastic about us coming,” Kelly says. “This is a more family-friendly place. It’s safe. So we thought we’d try it out.”

Activities include a water park, horseback riding and pony rides, potlucks, ice cream sundae making, arts and crafts, pool parties and a kids’ movie night.

“We’re doing everything we can to make sure our weekend is a success,” she says.

People who register early are eligible for three free water park tickets. While early registrations are encouraged, people can register up until the day of the vacation.

5th Annual MEGA Family Vacation
July 23-25
Lake Lanier Island Resort
7000 Holiday Road
Lake Lanier Islands, GA 30518

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