Atlanta Fringe Festival Announces Lineup

The Atlanta Fringe Art Festival, dedicated to providing an accessible, unjuried, and uncensored outlet for artists, has announced the lineup for their 8th annual festival, taking place June 1-7 in and around Little Five Points.

The lineup includes 25 artist groups from eleven states (ten artists from Georgia), Canada, and the Netherlands, from dancers and comedians to storytellers and clowns, and more. The live shows, which cover a wide theatrical spectrum of avant-garde dance, sketch comedy, performance art, and more, will take place at four venues: 7 Stages, The Marianna at Wrecking Bar Brewpub, Neighborhood Church, and the International Montessori Academy.

The full Atlanta Fringe Festival 2020 line-up includes:

Caitlin Graham, The Next Stage, Cambridge, MA
QuAK Atlanta, My So-Called Kinky Life, Decatur GA
Non-Violet Offenders, Fast Times at Betsy DeVos High, Duluth, GA
William Pats, Executing Justice, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Literary Gumbo, …but that’s another story, Greensboro, NC
Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre, title not determined, Fairbanks, AK
Moonlight Theatre Company, Fruit Salad, Athens, GA
James Swedyk Magic, Messing With Your Mind, Hinckley, OH
Michelina Moen, Forward Motion, Orlando, FL
Phoebe Perry, Dr. Fifi and Her Imaginary Friends, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1984, My Grandfather’s Eyepatch, Brooklyn, NY
Adrien Pellerin, 459 Pages, Brooklyn, NY
Liberal Eye Productions, A Friend To All the Little Guys, Fayetteville, GA
Baby Ears, How To Not Get Turned Into A Tree, Decatur, GA
Amanda/Jaquez Performance, Make Me, Clearwater, FL
Gabe Mollica, The Whole Thing, Garden City, NY
Decatur City Dance, title not determined, Decatur, GA
AbbyPalenArt, Moving the Mountain, Cincinnati, OH
Trajectory, Trajectory, Decatur, GA
Complicit Theatre Company, Black in the Box, Atlanta, GA
Cherith Fuller, My Daddy, His Daddy, And Me, Atlanta, GA
S’park Theatre, The Nose, Hoover, AL
Sensurround, untitled Greek mythology project, Atlanta, GA
Mel Moseley, Sexology: The Musical!, Portland, OR
Priyanka Shetty, The Elephant In the Room, Charlottesville, VA 

In addition to live performances, Atlanta Fringe will once again feature Fringe Audio, the only podcasting network on the fringe circuit featuring pieces of storytelling and radio theatre. Highlights from past years’ Fringe Audio can be found on Spotify.

“In a word, we’re overwhelmed,” said Executive Director Diana Brown in an emailed statement. “To see this kind of response from the global theatre community is really something special. We’re so protective of our reputation as a festival that treats its artists well, that’s worth it for touring artists to visit, and we love how that enables us to bring such diverse, incredible talent to Atlanta. And we’re still having fun with it, still adding new features, so that even people who have been with us since Year Once will find something new to enjoy at the festival.”

For more information, visit or follow Atlanta Fringe on Facebook and Twitter.