Lil Nas X’s “Montero” Demon / Screenshot photo

Create Your Own Last-Minute Halloween!

How the hell is it October already? You knew you weren’t going trick-or-treating, and you definitely didn’t count on that last-minute Halloween party invite. Now that you have to maximize the minimal amount of time you have to throw together a costume, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re riding solo this year, here’s a few costumes that will get the job done in no time!


Lil Nas X’s “Montero” Demon

This music video caused quite the stir this year, and so will you when you pull up to the function dressed as this demon.

What you need: black wings, horns, a cross chain necklace (bonus: white contacts lenses). If you can’t find horns, you can easily make your own with tin foil and black tape. Just be careful to avoid taping down any hair!


Drag Queen Divine

You may know her from “Hairspray” or one of the many other John Waters films she starred in. If you have the skills to glue down your brows and tease up your hair, you can take some Divine inspiration this Halloween.

What you need: a red dress, a fake gun, dangly earrings, and makeup. (Bonus: A red tutu to attach to the bottom of your dress.)


Jennifer from “Jennifer’s Body”

If you feel like channeling your inner demon or your inner bad bitch, this may just be the costume for you.

What you need: a white puffer jacket, a jean skirt, ripped red tights, and fake blood.


Damian from “Mean Girls”

Really short on time? This highly quotable character from cult-classic Mean Girls is instantly recognizable.

What you need: a blue hoodie and sunglasses (bonus: carry a sign that says, “She doesn’t even go here”).


Phoebe Bridgers

This costume is for those enjoying their sad girl spooky season.

What you need: a skeleton-print shirt and pants OR black pants, a black shirt, and a printed set of paper bones to affix to your outfit with fabric glue or pins.


If you’re half of a dynamic duo this Halloween, here are some ideas for you!


Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

Since these villains have multiple outfits, it gives you and your partner some wiggle room in finding a costume last minute.

What you need for Harley Quinn: either a red and black crop top, bottoms, and thigh high boots with a choker and glovelettes OR a “Daddy’s Little Monster” T-shirt, shorts, and a baseball bat. With either option, pink and blue eyeshadow on your pigtails and bright red lipstick really pull the look together!

What you need for Poison Ivy: either a black blazer, white shirt, and green pants OR a green bodysuit, fake leaves to affix to your bodysuit, and a green cape. With either option, a red wig or red hairspray will really pull the look together!


Mario and Luigi

If you and your partner are into mushrooms and fighting bad guys, this is the look for you.

What you need for Luigi: a green shirt, green hat, overalls, brown shoes, and white gloves.

What you need for Mario: a red shirt, red hat, overalls, brown shoes, and white gloves. If you don’t already have facial hair, grabbing a couple fake mustaches can be a fun touch!


“Squid Game” Guards

You’ll certainly be on-trend with this costume idea, and bonus: you’ll already be wearing a mask if you’re going out!

What you need: A red jumpsuit (or just some red shorts!), black boots, black gloves, and a black face mask. You can either purchase a fencing mask at your local sporting goods store, or you can affix a wire frame to a face mask and stretch black mesh over the front of it. Paint either a circle, square or triangle on the front of the mask with white paint, and you’re good to go!


Care Bears

If you and your friends are big softies, this may be the way to go! Just be sure to practice your care bear stare before you head out.

What you need: different-colored bear ears, T-shirts, white fabric, fabric markers, and shorts. Draw your bear symbol on a circle of white fabric and affix it to the front of your T-shirt. Match your shirt color to your bear ears, and you’re good to go! If you have time, you can use a little makeup to add a bear nose and some freckles to your look.


The Rockford Peaches from “A League of Their Own.”

This classic film taught us that women can do anything men can do, and that there’s no crying in baseball.

What you need: a pink collared shirt, a pink skirt, a red belt, red baseball cap, and knee-high socks (bonus: carry a baseball bat with you to complete the look!).