Frank Ocean Reveals He’s Been in a Relationship for Three Years

Frank Ocean, who has kept his personal life out of the media, has revealed he has been in a relationship for three years.

In an interview for Gayletter’s 10th-anniversary issue, Ocean says he doesn’t use dating apps because he’s been in a relationship for three years.

“I don’t use dating apps. I’ve been in a relationship for three years. I definitely wasn’t using dating apps before then. I don’t think I would use dating apps now,” the 31-year-old singer says. “I f–k with Marc Jacobs’ philosophy on that, so I wouldn’t rule it out, but it is a little hectic being a famous person on dating apps.”

Ocean didn’t reveal any more details about his relationship. He came out as being attracted to both men and women in a letter posted to Tumblr in 2012. Ocean shared that his first love was with a man and he has incorporated his attraction to men in his music.

Story courtesy of the Washington Blade.