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Skin Care is Having its Heyday

When it comes to beauty trends, there are none more popular right now than skin care. On TikTok and social media, skin care routines are as pervasive and popular as makeup tutorials (if not more so), and many are trading in full beat for a glowy, skin-focused look.


If you’ve ever dived into the world of skin care, you know how overwhelming it can be. So many serums, lotions, toners, cleansers, exfoliants, retinols — how do you know where to start? How do you know what your skin needs without trying a hundred different products?


That’s where Heyday comes in. Heyday is a one-stop skin care shop offering personalized facials and routines crafted by skin care experts, with three new locations in Midtown, Krog Street, and Dunwoody. While they offer a membership that gives you one 50-minute facial a month — which is about how often they recommend getting a facial — I visited the opening of the Midtown location knowing I couldn’t afford one facial every month. As someone who has avoided skin care out of fear of fuss and lack of funds, I instead visited Heyday to answer the question: can only one facial make a difference?


My Skin Care

At the time of my visit, I had quite the laissez-faire attitude toward skin care, and it showed. I was breaking out painfully on my forehead, the pores on my nose were perpetually clogged, and my skin was just dull. Out of all the skin care information out there, I didn’t know what would help me; I was using a medicated topical treatment from Curology, but that just wasn’t working.


The Facial

The facial itself was fabulous — my esthetician was friendly, the facial massaging was luxuriously relaxing, and all the lotions and serums she used left my skin absolutely radiant. Truly, I left that facial with the best skin of my life. However, it was the advice from my esthetician that truly made a difference. I explained to her my current skin care routine and the issues I wanted to address, and instead of piling on a mountain of advice, she pinpointed two issues: she suggested adding an exfoliating routine into the mix and changing my sunscreen to something lighter and less oily than what I was then using. She recommended two products and I was on my way.


The effects of the facial on my skin did not last long, but I took her advice. I changed my sunscreen and started exfoliating twice a week. Now, about a month and a half later, my skin is significantly better than when I first walked into Heyday. My breakouts have calmed down, my pores are less clogged, and my tone is overall more even and bright.


So, Is One Facial Enough?

Yes and no. If you go expecting the facial itself to fix all your skin woes with no maintenance, then it will not make a difference. However, if you come in with specific issues to address and follow the advice of your esthetician to establish heathier skin care habits, then one facial can seriously make a difference.


If your skin is meh and the world of skin care feels too overwhelming to know where to start, treat yourself in the new year and start at Heyday — they’ve got an opening offer going on right now where you can get your first facial with them for $70. And hey, if you love it (and, trust me, you will) and want to treat yourself every month, their monthly subscription is $104 and includes discounts on products and additional facials.


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