Suspended CNN pundit to meet with GLAAD after Twitter flop

Yesterday, CNN suspended Martin over the controversy.

But perhaps Martin has seen the error of his comments, after announcing that he will meet with GLAAD to discuss the incident.

From GLAAD’s website:

The timing and participants are to be determined. We’ll keep you updated here. Our goal is to ensure better coverage that works toward ending anti-LGBT violence.

Yesterday, CNN spoke out against anti-LGBT violence. GLAAD and  Martin also reported on Brandon White, a 20 year-old victim of an anti-gay attack in Atlanta.  Read more about GLAAD’s work with the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Projects around this brutal crime. This comes at a time when the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs found that violence against LGBT people was up 23% and that 70% were people of color.

Some have insulted Martin’s personal character and race when discussing this issue. GLAAD strongly condemns these attacks. There is no excuse for race based attacks or hate speech.

Martin’s suspension from CNN is indefinite, and there’s no indication it’s permanent. Let’s hope Martin can really man up, apologize and become a better person.