Pets: Everything for your pampered pet

Dog Motorcycle Helmet, $49.99-$125
More from the Rockstar puppy folks who, we think, have a very strong gay sensibility … check out the photos on their website. The company even takes into consideration that your dog’s ears might stand up and designed this helmet to prevent “pushing the ears flat to the head.” Sizes range from extra small to large. There are a huge range of colors and designs (you can even customize with name, logo, etc.) and each helmet is airbrushed free hand.

Pup Ryder Motorcycle Dog Carrier, $228
Get your pooch (18 pounds or less) on the road in this hard shell carrier. It comes with a windshield, padded backrest and safety strap. Made to attach to your luggage rack, it comes with a mounting kit and is pre-drilled for easy installation. The black high gloss finish will look great on a black bike, or add contrast to any color bike…like pink or purple.

Condo Canine Tray, $129
The Condo Canine Tray solves the problem of Fido doing his business wherever he pleases. The 36-inch × 24-inch dimensions give small-to-medium size dogs plenty of room and the 3-inch height makes it easy for even the smallest dogs to use. Its polyethylene construction is slightly elevated at one end to direct all liquids into a small reservoir. The Condo Canine Tray can be very handy on road trips and in hotels. Motel 6, anyone?

Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain, $69.99
Does your kitty love to drink out of the sink, or does your dog prefer flowing water? Now there is a stainless steel pet drinking fountain with continuously filtered water for your pets that looks like it belongs in your kitchen. In the past the only option was a tacky plastic one. The manufacturers, Pioneer Pet Products, claim the stainless steel drinking fountain is easy to take apart and clean, which is a real plus.

K-9 Float Coat, $50-$70
This stylish preserver will help keep your dog safe on the boat or at the beach (not all dogs can swim) and the bright reflective trim makes her easy to spot. The float coat is available in six sizes.

Bubble Buddy Flavored Bubbles for Dogs, $12.95
Can’t afford a motorcycle carrier or even the pup helmet? You can still make Fido happy with these flavored bubbles like bacon, peanut butter or Bar-B-Q chicken. A perfect way to make sure your dog gets enough exercise and you can just sit and watch!

Kittywalk Cozy Climber, $161.45
It’s not cheap, but then, neither are those giant carpet-covered cat climbing toys. At least this climber hangs neatly on the back of a door, and comes in both green and tan to match your décor. Fluffy has five levels to climb and play, including a fleece-lined “privacy parlor” at the top.

Sing-Along Jukebox, $10.49 – $12.29
No dog? No cat? Entertain your bird with some of your favorite tunes like “Over the Rainbow.” Hang the jukebox on the side of your bird’s cage and start the music. Some birds may even be able to mimic the tracks.


Photos: Courtesy retailers