Pets: Pamper your pets

Keep Cool Mat
$24.95 -$54.95
Humane Domain

Help your pup stay comfortable in the dog days of summer with the Body Cooler mat. Soak it in cool water for 15-20 minutes, and the filling of water-absorbing crystal beads will stay plump and cool for up to three days. Fido’s fur stays dry as the water evaporates, keeping him cool in the crate, deck or patio. And in case he’s a chewer, the beads are non-toxic.

PEZ for PetsPEZ for Pets Dog Treat Dispenser
$7.77 at PetSmart,

The beloved candy dispensers have been reconfigured for furry friends, and come with six doggie treats made from 100 percent corn starch. Refill packs of 12 all-natural treats are also sold separately.

Whale Scratching Lounger
$29.50 at Humane Domain,

Combine humor with your cat’s natural need to scratch with the Whale Scratching Lounger. Kitty can scratch and sleep on the top, and you can hide more cat toys in the open belly. Comes with a sampling of organic catnip for instant love.

You Bake ‘em Dog Biscuits Cookbook
$10.15, or other booksellers

“You Bake ‘em Dog Biscuits Cookbook” gives you more than 50 recipes to whip up delicious, healthy snacks for your doggie. Options range from special occasion treats to snacks designed specifically for pets with special needs, and most ingredients are simple to find.


Think how much better you feel after a gentle hug. Your dog can get the same relaxing anxiety relief from Thundershirt, designed to help pets cope with fears from thunder, fire works, travel, problem barking and more. Rugby style and embroidery are available for a few more dollars, so your dog can be both stylish and calm.

Outward Hound Walk N Roll Stroller
$81.31 at The Pet Set
Stores on Briarcliff Road and Piedmont Avenue or buy online at

For the pet who not only has everything, but gets to go almost everywhere. The Walk N Roll stroller lets pet parents take longer walks with small pets whose tiny legs just wouldn’t make it all the way. Plus, think how cute your little pup or even kitty will look zipped up safely in this cozy stroller, which comes in pink and blue.