Silk Screenin’ Revolutionz

Meredith learned the art of silk-screening after working in various shops and now has a studio in her Atlanta home and in Athens.

“I work from concept to completion,” Meredith explains. “Everything is handmade by me.”

As a community activist, Meredith says being able to bring her love of art into her activism is the dream job she made for herself. She is currently working on coming up with her own line of designs to sell online.

She does have some of her designs — such as a “John Queer” green t-shirt with a green unicorn surrounded by a yellow box that is a likeness of the famous John Deere design — in shops in Berlin and Amsterdam, as well as shops in Atlanta and elsewhere in the U.S. She also has a “Queer Femme Revolution” design that is popular with, well, the femmes.

Meredith began focusing specifically on building her silk screening business about two years ago.

“My dad is a printer — I grew up with offset printing, before everything became digital,” she says.

Meredith also teaches workshops on silk screening. Each year at Girls Rock Camp in Atlanta, she shows young women how to create their own t-shirts and other merchandise for their bands at a very low cost.

“I like it because it is art and the process of printing. I like the idea of having a business focused on activism, art and the queer community,” she says.


Top photo: Ladyjane Meredith (left) demonstrates how to silk screen at last year’s MondoHomo event. (by Dyana Bagby)

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