A healthy spine leads to a ‘Live Well’ lifestyle


Live Well Chiropractic
1035 Juniper St.
Atlanta, GA 30309

Kreinces and Francavilla are not just co-owners and business partners but life partners as well.

“We met in chiropractic school and have been together 14 years,” Kreinces says. “It’s wonderful to get to work with my best friend.”

And, yes, they do chiropractic work on each other as well.

“At least once a week,” Kreinces says with a laugh.

Kreinces says she and Francaville work on everyone from infants to a person who is 90-years-old. They’ve conducted more than 100,000 adjustments since opening.

“We put our hands on people and help heal. Every avenue of symptoms come back to the spine,” Kreinces says. “The spine allows the body to correct itself. We remove the interference.”

Some people are afraid of the cracking noise that typically goes along with chiropractic work, but Kreinces says there are dozens of other techniques that can be used to ease a client’s worries.

“We tailor our technique for the patient,” she says.

Being located in Midtown is also a dream come true for the lesbian-owned business.

“It’s interesting how we’ve seen the community evolve. Now we’re in the heart of Midtown, the gay mecca, and this is what we always wanted,” Kreinces adds.


Top photo: Drs. Kristy Francavilla (left) and Shoshana Kreinces opened Live Well Chiropractic in 1999 and relocated their business to Midtown six months ago. (Courtesy photo)