“As soon as he started getting lippy with me, I got lippy right back. … I wanted Simon to know that you don’t mess with the gays.”

—‘The X Factor’ contestant Xander, who argues with judge Simon Cowell during the show’s Dallas auditions. The new singing contest debuts at 8 p.m. Sept. 21 on Fox. (Towleroad.com, Sept. 12)

“’Friendship’ is not a euphemism. We are matching people based on their interests. … Most of the relationships we have are platonic. I really want to help married women, married men, all sorts of people. This goes beyond sexual orientation, sex or gender.”

Joel Simkhai, founder of gay dating and hook-up app Grindr, on his new app, Blendr, which he says will be based on helping people find friends, and something he wants “his mum” to use. (Telegraph.co.uk, Sept. 13″)

“[My son] Joe turns to me the other day and says, ‘One day, I will have a girlfriend. But I might have a boyfriend. If I’m gay.’ He’s 7! … And he said, ‘Which would you prefer?’ And I said, ‘My love, that would be entirely up to you, and it doesn’t make any difference to me.’”

— Actress Kate Winslet, discussing the diversity her children get to experience by living in the city. (V Magazine, October issue)

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