Activists tweet Obama to call for ADAP expansion

Georgia Equality sent out a list of examples:

@whitehouse ADAP waiting lists continue to grow! We need your leadership President Obama to end #ObamaADAP crisis!

President Obama, please end the ADAP waiting lists! @whitehouse How long will you let this #ObamaADAP crisis last in the United States?

@whitehouse End ADAP Waiting Lists Now #ObamaADAP

@whitehouse Did you know that ADAP waiting list is over 9,000? Please help. #ObamaADAP

@whtiehouse There are 1,715 Georgians on the ADAP waiting list! #ObamaADAP help us end this crisis!

For more information about ADAP, please visit


Top photo: Jeff Graham of Georgia Equality made a plea for more funding for the state’s AIDS Drug Assistance Program at a press conference in February. (by Dyana Bagby)