This Election is Your Stonewall Moment

You might be like most people right now who are just sitting back believing that the lead in the polls that Biden/Harris have at this point is impossible for Trump to come back from. That would be wrong. Just look at 2016 when all of us thought that it was in the bag for Hillary Clinton, when all of us thought Trump could never, ever get elected. Were you one of the 102 million people who did not vote?

Let’s get to the heart of the issue. Are you registered to vote right now and do you have a plan to vote?  If you do not have both of those points in order now, you are helping to elect Donald Trump again, and you are helping elect the most anti-LGBTQ President in our time.

Now is the time to act. Not tomorrow, not, in October, NOW. Any election can change on a dime or a day. So it only takes one issue to change the projection of this election and put Trump in the driver’s seat again. And that would be a travesty for all Americans, and especially the LGBTQ community.

But, another important question that sometimes gets lost is: why should you vote for Biden/Harris? Biden and Harris make up one of the most pro-LGBTQ tickets in modern history. There is absolutely no comparison between Biden and Trump or Harris and Pence. One ticket will help our community, one ticket will harm it as they have done the past four years.

There is no President in the history of this country who has tried to damage our community more than Trump.  He has literally dismantled LGBT rights given under previous administrations including in healthcare and the military. Vote like your health insurance depends on it. Vote like your job depends on it. Vote like your spouse depends on it. Vote like your life depends on it. Because if you are LGBTQ, all of those things matter.

The work and progress we have all done since Stonewall depends on your vote. The nondiscrimination laws we have worked for depend on your vote. The ability for us to get married and love whomever we love depends on your vote. The ability for us to serve in the military depends on your vote. The ability for us to live our lives with dignity and respect, yes, depends on your vote.

This November, vote like you’re at Stonewall and there is no other option but to fight back.