Sunday's edition of the Macon Telegraph included a harsh rebuke of same-sex marriages penned by Macon resident Rinda Wilson.

Wilson holds no punches, arguing that same-sex marriages should continue to be outlawed in Georgia for a variety of ridiculous reasons, like the “health risks” of being gay and the “psychological harm” children suffer who are raised in same-sex households.

Wilson apparently had the honor of serving on a task force to help determine whether or not Bibb County schools should teach “homosexuality as an acceptable alternative to heterosexuality” to the county's children, so she's obviously an expert:

Macon Telegraph column: Same-sex marriage ‘harmful to society’s children’

While HIV/AIDS is not a gay disease, we learned that the greatest subset of people suffering from HIV/AIDS were men having sex with men — simply because male homosexual sex so efficiently transmits the virus. We learned of other serious health problems that were common in the gay community but seldom discussed in the mainstream media when gay issues were the topic. How many Americans have even heard of gay bowel disease, for instance, a disease of near-epic proportions in some heavily gay areas such as San Francisco. We finally concluded that the health risks alone precluded an inclusion of homosexuality as an acceptable sexual behavior in the Bibb County curriculum.

Thank goodness for public education and the power of the PTA.

But that’s not all, Wilson goes on to state that children raised in same-sex households suffer “psychological harm”:

And speaking of children, consider the case of those adopted by gay parents. We must consider if this is the best situation society can provide for these children. It can be assumed that gay parents would love and care for their adopted children as much as traditional parents. But adoption of children by gay couples would mean the children would grow up in a home in which the very concepts of male and female identity would be blurred and confusing. Often in homes with gay parents it becomes necessary to explain to the children that their “mommy” was a paid surrogate who wanted no part of the family, or their “daddy” was a sperm bank donor who, again, wanted no part of the family.

Oh, and don’t try to say that being gay isn’t a choice, because it is.

To accept an orientation as a innate status without scientific proof is a dangerously slippery slope because who is to say someone else won’t claim an innate polygamy status (and so we must allow multiple-spouse marriages) or an innate bi-sexual status (and so we must allow a marriage with multiple spouses of different genders) and so forth.

This lady is seriously misinformed, y’all.

Charles Richardson, editorial board chair for the Macon Telegraph, said that two rebuttals were planned this week, both by readers of the Telegraph. The first will be published tomorrow, with a follow-up on Wednesday, Richardson said today.