Batter up! It’s time for Hotlanta Softball’s Big Peach tourney this weekend

A closing ceremony at Heretic features Season 3 Rupaul’s Drag Race contestant Mirah who will be joined by Gia Sunflower. Awards will be given out to B, C and D division winners; Best “Base Camp” Award; and Most Spirit Team Award.

Players and fans are asked to bring cash to the softball fields for the vendors selling hot dogs and PBRs — but no ATMs are on site. There is also a $1 entry fee per player per day into the complex.

The schedule:
Heretic Field 1
8:00am ATL Rampage vs TPA Hammerheads
8:55am BHM Bama Boys vs ATL Cadets
9:50am Nashville Fury vs ATL Foxes (C)
10:45am ATL Ballers vs BHM Defenders
11:50am ORL Fusion vs ATL Talons (C)
12:35am Coors Light Exile Grizzlies vs ORL Fury
1:30pm BHM Hotshots vs ATL Talons (C)
2:25pm FTL Sideline Bruisers vs ORL Fury

Field 2 Coca-Cola
8:00am Nashville Chaos vs ATL Foxes (C)
8:55am FTL Boom vs BHM Defenders
9:50am Knox Cyclones(C) vs TPA Hammerheads
10:45am Nashville Force vs ATL Cadets
11:40am DC Cap Punishment vs BHM Hotshots
12:35pm FTL Sideline Bruisers vs TPA Crocs
1:30pm ORL Fusion vs DC Cap Punishment
2:25pm Coors Light Exile Grizzlies vs TPA Crocs

Field 3 FROGS
8:00am Knoxville Cyclones(C) vs Nashville Fury
8:55am Nashville Force vs ATL Ballers
9:50am ATL Rampage vs Nashville Chaos
10:45am BHM Bama Boys vs FTL Boom
11:40am BOS Club Café Crew vs ATL Ambush
12:35pm ATL Ambush vs ATL Sluggers
1:30pm BOS Club Café Crew vs ATL Genesis
2:25pm ATL Genesis vs AUS Shady Ladies

Field 4 Burkhart’s
8:00am ATL Aggression vs TPA Eagles
8:55am TPA IMPACT vs ATL Rubber Ducks
9:50am ATL Twisters vs Nashville Flash
10:45am ATL Talons(D) vs St Pete Housewives
11:40am Nashville Pink Panthers vs Houston Fetch
12:35pm ATL Dirty Dawgs vs Knoxville Cyclones (B)
1:30pm ATL Foxes (D) vs Chatt Boogie
2:25pm ATL Dirty Dawgs vs FTL Noize

Field 5 Woof’s
8:00am ORL Sliders vs Nashville Flash
8:55am BHM Sliders vs ATL Talons (D)
9:50am Knox Woodpeckers vs TPA Eagles
10:45am TPA IMPACT vs ATL Mighty Ducks
11:40am ATL Foxes (D) vs Knox Goodtimes
12:35pm AUS Shady Ladies vs FTL Noize
1:30pm Houston Fetch vs Knox Goodtimes
2:25pm Knox Cyclones (B) vs ATL Sluggers

Field 6 The Hideaway
8:00am Knox Woodpeckers vs ATL Twisters
8:55am ATL Mighty Ducks vs ST Pete Housewives
9:50am ATL Agression vs ORL Sliders
10:45am ATL Rubbers Ducks vs BHM Sliders
11:40am TPA Panthers vs Chatt Boogie
12:35pm TPA Panthers vs FTL Sluggers
1:30pm Nashville Pink Panthers vs FTL Sluggers

Big Peach Pre-Party Beer Bust at Woofs
Thursday, May 24
6 p.m.
Woofs, 2425 Piedmont Road, Atlanta, GA 30324

Big Peach Registration Party and Mr. and Miss Big Peach contest at Burkhart’s
Friday, May 25
Registration starts at 6 p.m., show starts at 9 p.m.
Hosted by the Armorettes and Wild Cherry Sucret
Burkhart’s, 1492 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta, GA 30309

Big Peach Round Robin Tournament
Saturday, May 26-Sunday, May 27
Metro Sports Complex
7301 Campbellton Road, Atlanta, GA 30331

Big Peach Closing Ceremonies
Sunday, May 27
6 p.m.
Heretic, 2069 Cheshire Bridge Road, Atlanta, GA 30324

Photo: Softball players from across the country flock to Atlanta over Memorial Day weekend to swing their bats as part of the Big Peach tourney. (by Dyana Bagby)