5 LGBT things you need to know today, Nov. 20

1. A profile of the couple at the center of South Carolina's same-sex marriage lawsuit. Same-sex weddings started for the first time ever yesterday in the state. 2. “Photographing a gay wedding is not the be...
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Outspoken: Fred Karger, Barack Obama, Chely Wright and more…

GOP presidential hopeful Fred Karger

“I’m a moderate Republican, I have the best jobs plan, I’m pro-choice, support gay marriage and I want us out of Afghanistan now. If you’re not excited about Mitt Romney or the direction of the Republican Party, then I ask you to vote for me.”

— Openly gay Republican presidential hopeful Fred Karger, who won 0.1 percent of the primary vote in Maryland, in his new “Sexy Frisbee” campaign video that intersperses his remarks with beach scenes of shirtless men and bikini-clad women, plus two guys kissing at the end. (Pink News, April 24)

“There’s so much work to do. If 80 percent of what I talk about is gay issues — I didn’t come out to shut up. I came out to talk.”