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Happy holidays

The staff from GA Voice wishes you a happy holiday season ...
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Ga. student sues university after asked to change anti-gay views

Jen Keeton is suing university over gay claims

An Augusta, Ga., graduate student is suing her university alleging the school violated her constitutional rights by saying she needed to change her anti-gay views in order to graduate.

The Alliance Defense Fund, a Christian organization dedicated to defending “traditional family values,” represents Jennifer Keeton, 24, a counseling graduate student at Augusta State University.

Keeton claims in her suit, filed July 21, the school threatened to expel her because of her Christian belief that being gay or transgender is immoral and that she needed to go through a “remediation program” that included diversity and sensitivity classes about LGBT issues. The remediation program also included the suggestion Keeton attend Augusta’s first Gay Pride parade on June 19 and write about it, the suit claims.

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Christian singer Jennifer Knapp comes out, goes secular

Former Christian singer Jennifer Knapp

Jennifer Knapp, a Grammy nominated, Dove Award winning Christian recording star, has just released “Letting Go” – her first recording in nine years. She is currently touring and will be a performer on the 2010 Lilith Fair tour at shows in St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri.

Knapp recently talked with the Georgia Voice about her former career as a Christian performer, her seven-year hiatus in Australia and her return to the music scene as an out lesbian.