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Speaking Out: Double standard in arrest of lesbians caught getting busy in college library?

Readers debate the fate of women indicted for public indecency at Columbus State University.

Re: “Women indicted for having lesbian sex in Ga. college library” (, Aug. 25)

"This is a case of discrimination if I ever saw it, at least on the surface. I know heterosexual folks who have been caught and only been given a citation and a fine, not arrested. Granted they were not in Columbus, Ga., but geez! The cop was probably wanting to watch and they said no so he arrested them."

"It’s not a case of discrimination because they were literally caught “in flagrante” and public sex between any two people is simply illegal. They shouldn’t get away with it just on the assumption that heterosexuals might have. That’s looking at the case without assumptions. If we’d like to add assumptions, assume two appropriately embarrassed and reasonably nice lesbians might have gotten away with a warning. Two man-hating lesbians who disrespected the police officer for interrupting them would have been arrested and charged."

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Women indicted for having lesbian sex in Ga. college library

CSU students charged

A lesbian couple arrested in April for public indecency and attempted bribery have been indicted by a Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit grand jury this week, according to the Ledger-Enquirer.

Columbus is approximately 100 miles south of Atlanta.

Jessica Bass, 18, and Nakita Holt, 21, were caught having sex in a Columbus State University library in April by a CSU police officer.

Bass will face charges of public indecency, a misdemeanor, and bribery charges, a felony, for allegedly offering the arresting officer $100 to let them go free. Holt faces indecency charges only.

David Helmick, the assistant district attorney who is prosecuting the case, was mum on the details but said he expects the case to go to trial sometime in late September or early October in a telephone interview today. Helmick added that he did not want to speculate whether or not a heterosexual couple found in similar circumstances would face the same charges.