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What happens when the ‘gayby boom’ grows up?

Lucy and Carter, the two youngest members of the Georgia Voice staff

If you turned out for the afternoon session of the Human Rights Campaign’s “Bowling for Equality” on Feb. 26, you may have noticed the two youngest members of the Georgia Voice team.

Lucy, age 11 months, smiled all afternoon as our staff took turns cuddling her.

Carter, age five, gamely rolled a few slow gutter balls, while also finding time to play “Angry Birds” under our table and spill a drink precisely in someone’s shoe.

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Religion blog: A straight man, a trans woman, and a lesson for all of us

I remembered an old quote from a former Hall of Fame major league baseball pitcher by the name of Satchel Paige: “Never look behind you, ‘cause something might be gaining on you.” Ain’t that the truth?

This year has been full of challenges, full of loss and with more to come. But despite all odds, if we are to find peace we cannot and must not look back, but rather continue to move forward.

As I write this blog this evening all across our nation people are caught up in a war of words and ideology. It feels like we are stalled and a fierce fight is going on to push us back to the “good old days,” whatever that was or is. Folks on both sides of the various debates will tell you they are fighting for the very soul of America.

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Georgia Equality announces endorsements in upcoming election

Georgia Equality announced today some of its endorsements in the Nov. 2 election, saying it would make more endorsements in the near future.

“The endorsed candidates below have demonstrated their support of the LGBT community and they need your support now,” said Jeff Graham, executive director of Georgia Equality, in a press release about the endorsements.