5 LGBT things you need to know today, July 25

1. "We think it's time for the FDA to take a serious look at its policy, because it's out of step with peer countries, it's out of step with modern medicine, it's out of step with public opinion, and we feel it...

Gay blood drive hits Atlanta and exceeds expectations

The National Gay Blood Drive hit TEN Atlanta Friday along with 60 other cities across the U.S. to raise awareness about the ban on blood donation by gay and bisexual men, while also collecting donations by elig...

National Gay Blood Drive comes to Atlanta July 11

The issue of the 31-year-old ban preventing gay and bisexual men from donating blood for life has gotten more and more attention in recent years, and activists hope to take it to another level with the National...
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[Video] OraQuick home HIV tests now available


For those wanting to learn their HIV status in the comfort of their own homes, the FDA-approved OraQuick In-Home HIV Test is now available online and next week will be available in 30,000 retail stores across the U.S.

The OraQuick test now available over the counter is the same test physicians and other trained professionals have been using that includes taking a swab from the inner mouth and testing it for HIV with results known in about 20 minutes. The test was approved by the FDA on July 3.