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Grindr: Friend or foe to the gay community?

By now, most people have heard of Grindr, and many of us have profiles. Our contact at Grindr reports that there are 4 million users worldwide, 1.3 million of whom are in the U.S. The average user logs on to Grindr 8-10 times per day and spends about 90 minutes using the app throughout the day. So if you find yourself Grindr-addicted, you’re not alone!

News headlines about the app are pretty extreme:

EXPOSED: The seedy underbelly of hook-up apps (, September 2012)
A deadly dating game (China Daily, September 2012)
Grindr: Welcome to the World’s Biggest, Scariest Gay Bar (Vanity Fair, May 2011)
Popular gay dating app Grindr blamed for syphilis outbreak (, August 2012)

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Health: Welcome to Atlanta

Lucas Gosdin“Welcome to Atlanta,” said the police officer as she handed me my first ticket after my first accident in seven years of driving. It was bound to happen while living amongst some of the worst traffic in the nation, but my poor car!

Atlanta’s residents more than make up for its horrible transportation system. They are hospitable and looking for friendship, despite the size of the city. I get to work among the best of Atlanta.

As the new Gay Outreach intern for AID Atlanta, I get to be out in the city meeting members of the LGBTQA community and our allies. Coming from Auburn, Alabama [War Eagle!], I am astounded at the size and reach of our community here.