Health: Welcome to Atlanta

I am a social work student with a passion for advocacy and community organizing, and I get to be on the front lines here at AID Atlanta as we work to end the epidemic and promote equality.

Of course I have my own goals to further my knowledge, but I also hope to help propel our program toward its goal of transforming our community into one of openness – not just about our sexualities, but our histories, our HIV statuses, and our dreams.

So let me start. Coming from a very small town in Alabama, I have never been accepted for being me; I’ve not even been accepted by most of my family, but I’ve learned that time heals and peace is found in the love and support of those who understand.

My dream is for our community to continue to love while we push back against the forces of inequality. My hope is that we support one another and seek good things for our neighbors.

Maybe I am an idealist, but I don’t think it unachievable.

Tell your story. Need a place to tell your story? Come by and meet me at one of our events around town like Coffee Talk, Happy Hour, or OUT2EAT. You can find a full listing on our website or Facebook page.   I’ll be here in the “big city” until December.

I hope that along the way we’ll have the chance to cross paths, and you can be part of my next chapter of stories.  The pages are blank – how will it end?


Lucas Gosdin is an intern with GO Atlanta – AID Atlanta’s Gay Outreach Program.  Lucas is a senior at Auburn University and can be reached at You can also find him at many of GO Atlanta’s events around the city each month.