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Mr. Atlanta Eagle Chandler Bearden: Leather, tattoos and life with HIV

Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2010 Chandler Bearden (left) with 2009 Mr. Atlanta Eagle Alan Penrod

Chandler Bearden, 32, heads up community outreach for the MISTER project at Positive Impact, an organization that provides culturally competent mental health resources and prevention services to those affected by HIV. He is also the very sexy Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2010. This weekend, he will pass on his title to a new Mr. Atlanta Eagle as part of the Eagle’s 24th anniversary and the celebration of Atlanta Leather Pride.

GA Voice: Where were you born and how long have you lived in Atlanta? Chandler Bearden: I was born in Savannah, adopted at two weeks and moved to Gray, Ga. I lived there until I was 16 and then moved to Atlanta.

When were you diagnosed with HIV? How does your status affect the work you do at Positive Impact? I was diagnosed with HIV at the age of 23. I believe my status helps me to better identify and relate with the epidemic, and that my work at MISTER allows me to help those in need of related services and to educate those not infected.

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International Mr. Leather 2010 makes history

Mr. Leather 2010 contest

While Atlanta’s own Mr. Atlanta Eagle Chandler Bearden did not win International Mr. Leather 2010 despite his sexy, racy and just plain sweet style, another sexy winner took home the leather sash. And with his win, Tyler McCormick of New Mexico broke all kinds of barriers.