5 LGBT things you need to know today, Aug. 29

1. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit challenging North Carolina's anti-transgender bathroom law got a partial win Friday night as a federal judge said the University System of North Carolina must allow them to use ...
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Margaret Cho’s new comedy tour is the mother of all shows

Margaret Cho

She sounded a bit tired in the phone interview. Between guest starring on a hit TV show, planning her “Mother” comedy tour, singing, embracing her new passion of riding motorcycles, starring on “Drop Dead Diva,” traveling, writing her blog, and answering the same questions from reporters all day, Margaret Cho has a right to be a bit reserved when not “on” in front of an audience.

But Cho is still thrilled to be nominated for an Emmy for her guest actress appearance on “30 Rock.” She actually played a man — well, two men — to receive the Emmy nod.

“It’s great. I really love that show. It’s an honor,” Cho said of the nomination.

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Topher Payne: A going-away party, reminding us to embrace the time we’re here

Playwright and writer Topher PayneBryan posted a message on his Facebook wall last week, with a question:  “What would you do if doc says you may only have a few days left?”

The inquiry was not theoretical, or meant to inspire discussions of ideology. It was a scheduling question. That morning, he was informed by medical professionals that he should prepare for the ending of what any of us would call a life. Just because your vitals can still be measured as functioning does not mean you are living. I don’t know what you’d call that. Existing, I guess. But frankly, even that’s debatable.

Bryan and I are the same age: 32. The idea that he should even be considering what his final acts will be is monumentally unfair. But cancer isn’t terribly concerned with fairness. We met because of the disease. I meet a lot of people that way, kind of like how guys who’ve dated the same horrible ex have something to chat about.