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Fox News analyst: GOP needs to drop social issues

Fox News analyst Margaret Hoover

Margaret Hoover, a Fox News analyst and author of “American Individualism,” was on the O'Reilly Factor last night to discuss the perceived split in the conservative movement between its base and the movement commonly known as the Tea Party.

Hoover, a self-proclaimed Republican, argued that the GOP runs the risk of losing the next generation of voters because of the party's stance on social issues like abortion and same-sex marriage.

“We're going to save the Republican Party by connecting to the next generation,” Hoover told host Bill O'Reilly. “The next generation is 30 and under. They voted two to one for Barack Obama and their partisan identification solidifies after three presidential election cycles. They voted for John Kerry. They voted for Barack Obama. If we don't make inroads in the next 16 months, we're going to lose the next generation.”