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Do we need religion to win LGBT equality?

Last month, five gay couples lined up at the DeKalb County Probate Court to ask for marriage licenses. In a poignant protest, all were denied, as Georgia law bans gay marriage.

A handful of local LGBT and allied clergy were on hand as “peacekeepers” for the protest, part of the “We Do” project organized by the Campaign for Southern Equality.

As the couples and a crowd of about 50 supporters marched to the courthouse, they were led by Rev. Jasmine Beach-Ferrara, who wore her clerical collar. Before entering, they gathered in a prayer circle on the lawn.

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[Video] ‘We Do’ campaign chronicles fight for LGBT equality in the South


The Campaign for Southern Equality, the group behind the recent “We Do” campaign marriage demonstration in Decatur, Ga., has released a video highlighting the current campaign as it prepares to travel to Washington, D.C.

Since Jan. 2, the group has traveled to Hattiesburg, Miss.; Mobile, Ala.; Decatur, Ga.; Morristown, Tenn.; Greenville, S.C.; and Wilson / Winston Salem, N.C.

The campaign winds up in Arlington, Va., where gay couples will also be denied marriage licenses Jan. 17. Then the group of activists will march approximately four miles to Washington, D.C., to participate in the legal marriage of a couple in front of the Jefferson Memorial.

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‘We Do’ Campaign brings marriage protest to Decatur on Monday

Campaign for Southern Equality

The Campaign for Southern Equality brings its “We Do” protest for marriage equality to Decatur, Ga., on Monday, Jan. 7.

The organization made national news last year after several events in North and South Carolina where activists attempted to receive marriage licenses but were denied – and in some cases arrested.

Aaron Sarver, communications director for the Campaign for Southern Equality, told GA Voice today by phone that his organization expects a handful of couples, perhaps as many as five or six, to take part in the Decatur protest where they will apply for and be denied a marriage license.

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[Video] Georgians to protest Uganda’s ‘Kill the Gays Bill’


Gay activists and allies plan Wednesday to protest Uganda's "Kill the Gays Bill" at the Georgia State Capitol from noon to 1 p.m.

Organized by J.R. Rich, the Facebook invite to the protest describes the Uganda bill as "genocide" and states, "It is 2012 and there is still genocide in  the world and we can not let it happen! PLEASE join the fight and let your lawmakers know you want them to speak up and end this atrocity!"

Leaders in Uganda are pushing the bill to be passed soon as a "Christmas gift to the people of Uganda" as stated in the video below that was posted to YouTube on Nov. 12.