Melissa Carter

Melissa Carter: On letting go and remembering to play

Have you ever realized just how much we adults have been separated from our childhoods? I’m not talking about our more mature bodies, it’s more about our minds and how we automatically react to the world around...
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Melissa Carter: A follow-up to my Fantastic 4

Melissa Carter

When I was in seventh grade, I tried out for the cheerleading squad at my junior high school. I really wanted that spot, since to secure it meant immediate excitement from my friends and an automatic acceptance from other groups in the school I was not yet a part of.

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Melissa Carter: My viral resolution

Melissa Carter

I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions. I believe after months of rushing to countless parties, along with taking in the countless calories, it is natural to want to spend the next few months taking it easy, eating healthy, and working out. 

However, some big announcement that your intention for 2013 is to have the perfect body and live a balanced life is self-defeating, since a resolution is nothing more than an attempt to magically get motivated for something you have never been able to do before.

But this year is different. I have a resolution I plan to fulfill. And it has nothing to do with food, weight, or leisure. It’s about cats.

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Melissa Carter: Decoding the gay break-up email

Melissa Carter

I know a lesbian couple who recently broke up. They decided to inform their friends of their news by sending out a joint mass email. The email was short but let us all know that they had, sadly, decided to go their separate ways after seven long years.

Shortly after receiving the email, I was called by one of our mutual straight friends and asked for a translation. What exactly was she supposed to do now? Reply to the email? Send an email to both women separately? Send a pie or bottle of Jack Daniels? Should she call one of them or both of them? So I became the lesbian Rosetta Stone in an effort to help our straight friend understand. 

I have heard of this type of email a few times before, and always from a gay couple.

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Melissa Carter: We are the facts that will inspire the next generation

Melissa Carter

I have noticed when anyone has a strong prejudice against a certain group, she or he is armed with some sort of reference material.

For instance, when men defend their superior status over women in society, they reference published history, suggesting that’s simply how things have always been. When someone speaks out against the gay community, there is usually a Bible in their hand.

But what if an unknown piece of the past was uncovered that told a different story?

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Melissa Carter back on-air with all the news fit to broadcast

Melissa Carter, the beloved radio personality from Q100's Bert Show, has a new gig — and it's back on the air.

She broke the news, of course, on Facebook:

Excited that my permanent shift on All News 106.7 begins tomorrow! I will now be on from 3p-7p, and hope you will check it out while out or on your way home from work.

and Twitter:

Excited my permanent afternoon shift on @allnews1067 begins tomorrow! Hope you will check it out while out or on your way home from work.

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Melissa Carter: A scorching Scrabble game rivals the record heat

Melissa CarterThe recent temperatures over 100 degrees brought headlines warning people how dangerous such weather can be. The intent was to remind people not to get overheated or dehydrated by spending a lot of time outside. However, no one gave warning about the dangers of being stuck in the air conditioning with your family, and in my case, taking part in an epic Scrabble battle.

My mother and I play Words with Friends online, so it made sense that when Katie and I went to visit her last weekend we would lay out the Scrabble board and play face-to-face. My sister, who also plays online, was part of the dining room table competition.

The game began without incident. I was the scorekeeper, listening to my mother and sister begin their ritual trash talking, as Katie poured the wine.

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Melissa Carter: Vision, vanity and breaking my streak

My avMelissa Carterersion to wearing glasses comes from sibling rivalry. My older brother and sister needed glasses young, so this offered a challenge for me to see how long I could go without them. At 42, I still pass my driver’s license test without my glasses. But barely.

I am near-sighted. I think. Much like the debate over “affect” or “effect” seems to commence whenever either word is cautiously used, a similar confusion occurs whenever one gives an eyesight diagnosis.

I can see things near me, but the detail of things far away is blurry. I have a prescription for this condition, but find I only use these glasses in dark places, like a movie theater or driving at night.