5 LGBT things you need to know today, Aug. 17

1. Apple CEO Tim Cook, who is gay, wrote a letter to his employees regarding the violence and racism shown in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend — and also revealed he's cutting off Apple Pay support f...
Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee: LGBT Americans facing the winds of Dixie

Opportunity and possibility are often associated with the future and what is to come, but the past is filled with just as many chances to achieve greatness or grow into a better person. A few years ago, Pizza H...
Melissa Carter

Melissa Carter: An uber-racist ride

It is rare that I take the time to give a negative review of a service. Normally, I’ll simply stop shopping somewhere if I’m not satisfied with their service. But, after a recent trip to California, I felt the ...
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Cheerios vs. haters — with a lesbian twist


So, we all know racist idiots had a field day when Cheerios aired a commercial depicting an interracial husband and wife. So much so that Cheerios had to disable the comments on the YouTube link to the video.

Now check out this parody of the ad and smile again.

And eat it, haters.

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Protest planned of ‘Rupaul’s Drag Race’ winner Sharon Needles’ Atlanta appearance

LGBT activists say they are planning a protest of Sharon Needles' appearance in Atlanta on Wednesday, claiming the winner of "RuPaul's Drag Race" is guilty of racist and bigoted comments. But Needles has defended her work and the host of her Atlanta appearance said he has not been able to document instances of offensive behavior.

Needles, who hails from Pittsburgh, Pa., performs Wednesday at Jungle as part of the Fantasy Girls show. A nonviolent demonstration is being planned to educate those attending the show about Needles' racist comments, said Cortez Wright, an organizer of the protest.

"We want to show that not everyone supports what Sharon Needles is doing," said Wright, a person of color who identifies as queer.

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Barrow deputy forced out after he uses Facebook to hate on Obama, gays

Lewis RusgroveWhen will people learn that what goes on Facebook stays on Facebook and can cost you your job?

That's what Barrow County deputy Lewis Rusgrove learned this week after he was at first suspended for posting incorrect info about his job title then forced to resign when an investigation into his Facebook postings revealed he called President Barack Obama "camel jockey" and "towel headed leader," according to a story in today's Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Rusgrove was apparently writing about his displeasure with gas prices. Sure, they are pretty expensive and worthy of whining about. But then Rusgrove goes on to write, “Damocrats, blacks or African-Americans where is the outrage towards your towel headed leader.”