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Food Porn #9: Does Robert lack a husband because he hates himself?

Food Porn

Robert sank into his usual chair at his therapist’s office. He started seeing Dr. Wilson a decade ago, soon after ending a two-year relationship.

While Dr. Wilson poured himself a cup of coffee, Robert’s gaze fell on one of the framed bromides that decorated the walls: “To love another or to be loved by another, you must first love yourself.”

“I really hate that saying,” he blurted. “I’ve hated it for 10 years.”

Dr. Wilson smiled, looking over his reading glasses. “Can you say more about that?” he asked, somewhat sarcastically. After 10 years, Robert was quite “therapized” and the two of them often joked about the language of therapy.

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Concern grows over Emory University’s Chick-fil-A connections

Emory University

Students and alumni at Atlanta's Emory University are ramping up concerns about the school's connections with Chick-fil-A, the chicken chain known for funding anti-gay causes.

"Make chicken, not judgements," reads an anti Chick-fil-A flyer now posted on campus.

Most Emory students were not on campus when the latest round of controversy over Chick-fil-A heated up in mid-July, when Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy told a Christian media outlet that his company is “guilty as charged” on opposing marriage rights for same-sex couples.

Now that fall semester is underway, opposition to the relationship between Emory — arguably one of the most LGBT-inclusive campuses in the Southeast — and Chick-fil-A is growing.

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Food Porn #8: How to have sex with a Republican after dinner

Food Porn

Robert looked around the room and squinted. He was on a dinner date at the Spence and was happy to have an opportunity to check out the restaurant for a future meeting of the Atlanta Food Porn Supper Club.

It wasn’t cheap and he was glad his date, Ronnie, had offered to foot the bill.

“What do you think?” Ronnie asked.

“Well, no restaurant in the city is as food-pornographic as this one,” Robert said.

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Aaron Born makes Fifth Ivory Public House a home

The Fifth Ivory

The Fifth Ivory Public House at the corner of Juniper and 10th Street is the kind of restaurant mash-up that requires several slashes in its description.

Piano bar / Southern kitchen / Irish pub might suffice, but to gay owner Aaron Born, the Midtown eatery’s hodgepodge is something much simpler: good, affordable food and drinks in comfortable surrounds with live piano six nights per week.

“It’s supposed to be a home,” Born says.

The restaurant, which was voted GA Voice’s 2012 “Best New Restaurant,” is a shared dream between Born and his longtime friend and now business partner Cam Murphy.

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Local activists stage Chick-fil-A ‘Kiss In’ demonstrations

Chick-fil-A protest

It was a very small crowd that showed up at the Chick-fil-A on Piedmont Road near the Lindbergh MARTA station. Jimmy Moss, 39, and his partner Sebastian Steele, 38, took a photo of themselves with their smartphone at about 12:30 p.m. Friday. They said they wanted to show their family and friends that eating at Chick-fil-A is not just about free speech.

"I've seen lot of my family and friends on Facebook and they really didn't understand when they come to Chick-fil-A that they were supporting not just freedom of speech but actually giving money to a company that gives money that keeps me from having rights," Steele said.

"I felt strongly about it and wanted to get a picture of us. We've been together seven years,and had a civil union seven years ago. And for better or worse, for richer or poorer, we've done all of that and I think that's what marriage is all about  and that's what we got," Steele added.

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Food Porn #5: Great place for a cheap date

Food Porn

Robert and his former fuck buddy Jay slid into a booth at Co’m Vietnamese Grill. They had run into one another at Ansley LA Fitness. Jay suggested lunch and Robert was happy to introduce him to one of his favorite, cheapest restaurants in the city.

“This is a perfect place for a post-workout meal,” Robert explained. “Vietnamese cooking is far healthier than, say, Thai food. It’s all about fresh herbs, veggies, seasoned grilled meats and light sauces. It’s mildly spiced but you can spike it with a shot of hot chili sauce.”

“Sounds good,” Jay said, half-listening. “Go ahead and order for us both.”

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Food Porn: #3: Robert gets cloned at Watershed

Food Porn

Robert looked around the dining room of the new Watershed on Peachtree and marveled at how dark and woody it was compared to the original restaurant in Decatur.  Indigo Girl Emily Saliers, the owner, had closed that one and reopened in this new south Buckhead location.

“I hear it looks very different,” said Robert’s date, Brandon.

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Food Porn: #2: Grindr men, masc men, trans men at dinner

Editor's note: Food Porn is a new fictional series by longtime Atlanta food critic Cliff Bostock. Set in real Atlanta restaurants, it chronicles the adventures of Robert, a gay man in search of a husband — or at least a good meal. For past chapters, click here.

Food Porn

Robert’s head was starting to hurt — not something he expected to happen on this first meeting of the Atlanta Gay Food Porn Supper Club. The setting was the Shed at Glenwood, where the restaurant offers a special menu of $3 sliders every Wednesday night. Robert was always there.

“This is mainly an organizational meeting to get some feedback,” he explained to the 15 people present. “We want your opinions about the hole we might fill in gay Atlanta’s social scene, what kinds of restaurants and foods tempt you, what kind of mood you’d like to set…and so forth.”

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Gay city slickers turned farmers offer comfort food with a twist

The Fabulous Beekman Boys

What happens when two urban gay men decide to become gentleman farmers? Planet Green chronicles the highlights and pitfalls in “The Fabulous Beekman Boys,” the reality series featuring life and business partners Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell.

“We’re two city guys who bought a farm. We’ve got a herd of goats. A llama. And a whole lotta drama. Farming ain’t easy. But we make farming fabulous,” the boys explain on their website, “Or at least that’s what our TV theme song says.”

The cable series is frequently described as a gay take on the “Green Acres” motif. Since it debuted in 2010, the boys have bickered and made up through two seasons of struggle as they work to grow the Beekman farm and their Beekman 1802 brand to a level of success that will allow Kilmer-Purcell to quit his job in the city and move to the farm fulltime.

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Pride: Dining options abound near Piedmont Park

Joe's on Juniper

At Pride you’ll have as many food choices as the ex partners you might see. There will be all the festival food that you crave, like funnel cakes, gyros, and my favorite — jalapeno corn dogs that they batter dip in front of you. Get your fare, find a grassy knoll and have a people-watching picnic.

If you want to sit down in a restaurant instead, or you need to entertain guests in town for Pride weekend, options are plentiful surrounding Piedmont Park.

Near the park with great patios

Willy’s Mexicana Grill: You can’t get closer to Pride than this. Located in the front of Piedmont Park facing Piedmont Avenue, Willy’s won best burrito by the AJC and has a large patio. Choose either chicken, tofu, or grilled steak. I like lots of their chunky guacamole and visit the salsa bar. The burritos are big enough to split which would give you a healthy huge fresh meal for under $8. Good place to bring the kids and dogs.